You have probably thought like a thousand times that perhaps you should break up with your girlfriend. Like, whenever you argue, the idea of a breakup can cross your mind. It happens to all of us. However, you should not let yourself get carried away by this idea. Because, there are fights in every relationship, but that does not mean that you should be breaking up, or should it?

But, how are you supposed to know when the right time to end it has come? Well, read these signs and you will know immediately.

Firstly, when you are losing contact with the other person, it may be a sign that you two are falling apart. You will not probably be in constant contact all the time just like you did at the beginning of a relationship, but still, if there is nothing between you two, then that is probably it.

Also, if you are not talking about your future, you probably do not want to spend the future together. Every couple plans!

If you are fighting constantly, and are able to start fight in just a second, the chances are that you find your girlfriend very annoying. Oh, and if you are fighting publicly, then you should consider breaking up.

And, if you just do not want to spend time with her and you keep secrets from her then it is totally obvious that you two are not destined to be together.