Even though everybody says that dating a coworker is probably the worst thing that one can do, still, it is hard to avoid it. Basically, when you are in company of certain people often, something must happen, right? Especially when there is someone you really fancy and would want to date at any cost. Well, it is natural. We always end up in relationships with someone we know. Our friends, our schoolmate, our neighbour, or our coworker. Fairytale-like love stories about a prince who arrives out of nowhere are bullshit, and it is kind of tricky dating people that you meet somewhere in a bar, right?

So if the case is that you are dating your coworker, we can help you deal with it, so that it does not end up like a catastrophe.

First of all, only do it if it really is worth it. Take your time and think about it carefully. Do not switch from one girl in the office to another. And, make sure that your company’s policy allows it.

When it comes to you and your partner, you should definitely talk about what ifs. What if you breakup, what if you have a fight… You do not want your personal life to affect your professional performance, right?

The last thing, just do not, in any case, date your boss.