If you do not really have those healthy-eating habits, but still you are trying to somehow make healthy lifestyle your lifestyle, we can help you now! At least, for the next week. Because, eating healthy is actually pretty easy, when you make a plan. And when you prepare yourself. You know, there is nothing worse than starving yourself and then deciding what the thing you will have for lunch will be. You will definitely go for something unhealthy, and you will definitely want more than you actually want and need. So, instead of doing everything in a rush, we suggest you start your preparation way sooner. Like, make your luches on Sunday. Pack them into boxes and this way, you will not end up eating hamburger and fries during your lunchbreak.

Also, during weekends, make yourself a proper breakfast. You probably do not have much time for breakfast during week, so try to make it different at least during the weekend.

For a snack, try to make some apple cookies! Just put some peanut butter on slices of apple and sprinkle with chocolate chips and peanuts! And enjoy!

Make a soup for dinner! Soups are great and light! And you can prepare them one day ahead!

Enjoy your week!