We are all jealous. That is just the way it goes. And there is nothing wrong with that actually. Because although you completely trust your partner, sometimes, being jealous cannot do bad to your relationship. It can help it! However, let’s not talk about whether being jealous is right or not, let’s focus on the faith in a relationship.

Did you know that cheating runs in family? Well, that may be quite shocking, is it not? So, how can you prevent this from happening to you? I mean, is there any option? Of course there is. Because although the urge to have more than one partner may be genetic, the things that really matters is the way your parents affected you. Think about what your expectations of a relationship are. Talk to your parents. You can solve this problem!

And also, there is one more thing very important which is crucial, if you want to protect your relationship. What is this thing? Well, the only way of preventing infedility is maintaining a healthy relationship! So, remember that! Talk to each other, do things together. Be honest and open. And you are going to be just fine. Good luck.