Cheating always happens for some reason. We know that. It is not something that people, who are in a happy and balanced relationship would do. And that is the reason why it is not that hard to predict whether your partner is about to cheat, or not. Do you want to know whether this is your case? Well, then read on and compare these sings with your partner!

  1. If she is constantly mentioning a name of one man. Her new friend, her personal trainer, her boss….
  2. If she suddenly does not need you just as much as she used to. You might think that it is great, however, something might be going on.
  3. Suddenly, she starts fights. Like all the time. Basically, for no serious reason. She is simply not satisfied in this relationship and she wants you to know it.
  4. She becomes mysterious. That sounds great, right? But it is not. If she suddenly stops telling you about things, she might have someone else to tell these things to.
  5. She does not want to have sex anymore. This is a dangerous sign and it probably means that your relationship is lost forever. To be honest, it is not sure whether you can do something at this stage to fix the things up. Well, you can try, but we do not promise that it will work.

Well, now you know what you can expect.