We all know that we should probably try to eat just as little sugar as possible. However, some of us may not even know why it is so important. Because, well, we cannot imagine living a life without knowing what sweet taste tastes like, right? Well, the fact is that there is too much sugar in our food. And it does not matter whether it is honey or figh-fructose corn syrup. They all have the same negative impact on our bodies and it is also said that they increase the risk of getting cancer. Well, that is not very nice. But, if this is what sugar causes, then probably we should all replace it with artificial sweeteners, right?

Well, small amounts of them are not said to be unhealthy or anything, however, they are chemicals, and so if you are drinking diet soda everyday, it is hard to tell whether these sweeteners will not have any negative effects on your health, right?

But so, if neither sugar nor artificial sweeteners are good, then what should a person use to make their coffee sweeter?

Well, probably the best option is to use sugar, however, moderately. And if you really want to be healthy, you should avoid both of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Although, we know that it is quite unreal.