Of course, we are all strictly against sex on a first date. However, you never know what can happen and that is why you should be ready for every thing that the night has to offer. Well, let’s just say that no matter how he situation develops, you should be ready. You do not want your potential girlfriend to see you in your weirdest underwear for the first time. You know, the one your mom got you for Christmas.

Well, but what type of underwear should you wear so that the girl finds you more attractive? Actually, it is not that complicated. Many would probably think that it is, because, well, it is women. They always have to complicate things. However, the truth is, that the best underwear is black boxer briefs!

So quit searching for some crazy ideas, stop looking for something extravagant, you need to go for something that you probably have in your closet. Ain’t that great? This is probably the first time that you did not have to try that hard to impress a woman. And the last, to be honest.

Now, get the one that suit you best and go on your date! She is going to love your underwear! And for a good reason!