1. Giving her advice – if you are giving an advice to a woman, your girlfriend, you need to be careful how you put it. If you give it straight, she will hate you. Because, that is how women are, they do not like when men give them advice. Just listen to her problems and let her figure it all out herself.
  2. Telling her to calm down – yeah, doing this, you can just shoot yourself, otherwise, she will do it. Definitely! When women are goign crazy about something, do not tell them to calm down. They won’t.
  3. When you tell her that everything is fine – if you are upset about something that happened at work, but you simply do not want to talk about it with your girlfriend becase she has enough of her problems, you are only going to piss her off. She needs to hear it.
  4. Talking about yourself – all the time. Too bad. Women love to talk about themselves and if you want them to like you, you need to let them talk too!
  5. Leaving the seat up – well, this is just stupid. How can you not stop doing that?
  6. Dirty sheets – well, many women can get mad over anything dirty. But sheets, they are on top of everything.
  7. Saying stupid jokes that are insulting – if you somehow manage to make an inappropriate joke, make sure you apologize.
  8. When you are saying “That is just the way I am” well, then you are not going to be in a relationship for long.
  9. Trying too hard – she will find out and she will hate you eventually.