Well, right now you are probably confused, are you not? I mean, how can pizza help you get skiny? Well, let me explain it to you.

Of course, it won´t help you if you start eating pizza every day now. However, eating the unhealthy foods that you like so much only on your “cheat days” can help you stick to your diet plan during the rest of the week. Cheat days are the days when you are allowed to eat what you want. And according to a new study people who have these days ae more motivated and happier during the dieting. Which means, that they can eventually lose more weight than people who stick with their diet plan and do not eat anything they should not. Don´t you believe it? Well, then try it yourself. If you are that kind of person who simply loves food too much and cannot imagine giving up on pizza, or so, this is a great option for you!

Just remember, that you should only have one cheat day per week. Otherwise, it will not really do you any good. But we bet that you know that.

So, good luck with your diet plan! You can do this, remember!