Everybody needs friends in their life, ain´t that so? However, when choosing friends, we need to be careful. Not every person is a good friend of ours, right? But we all probably know this. So why don´t we rather talk about those types of friends that we do need in our life.

Mentor – everybody needs that type of friend that pushes us further. Somebody who is great, successful and intelligent. And who knows how to inspire others. Someone who always give you a piece of advice. If you have such friend, make sure that you have him for long.

Buddy – someone wo will always be up for something. When you want to go to the party, he is into it. When you want to grab a beer, he is coming. This is the guy who is simply always there for something. And he is fun to be around, because he knows how to make whatever party a good one.

The handy man – someone who knows everything. And is happy to help or share his knowledge with you. Just be careful not to use him only for “jobs”.

Workout friend – someone to workout with. He will usually be better than you in everything, but that is only good! He pushes you further!

Friend from work – you need at least one friend from work, because well, you spend too much time there! And you need someone to go for a lunch or a coffee with. Or to talk when somebody pisses you off.