Girlfriends are sometimes insane. Ain´t that right? Basically, there are some things that women do that we do not like. I bet that we can all agree on this, right? So, let´s have a look at what these things are!

  1. When she is eating your food. I bet that this has already happened to you. She did not want to order a dessert, saying that she is full, however, she does not see anything bad in eating yours!
  2. She is always late. Always, always late. And there does not seem to be anything you can do about it. It may seem cute at the beginning, but believe me, you will hate it.
  3. She is always on her phone. And she cannot put it down. Never.
  4. She does not know hot to take a compliment.
  5. She does not state clearly what she wants. And she lets you guessing.
  6. She makes you do things you hate.
  7. When she says: “I´m fine.” This is terrible, women do not understand that we cannot read minds.
  8. She ask you uncomfortable questions: “Am I fat?” “Is she prettier than me?” Like, why would she do that?

What else is the thing that drives you crazy about your girlfriend? Let us know, but most importantly, let her know!