Sure, who would not want to be the most popular guy at work, right? Well, unfortunately, not everybody can be. But you do! Would you like to know how? Just read these tips and enjoy the effect!

Try to relax as much as possible. Well, of course, we do not mean that you should not be doing your job properly, but being stressed is also not helping neither you or the people around you.

Do not gossip. Just try to avoid it, if it is possible. It is definitely not worth it and it will never bring you anything good.

Make jokes. But only if you are considered funny. If you are not, it will only seem that you are trying too hard.

Try to be the best at what you are doing. Be honest, loyal, responsible, reliable and friendly and people will like you.

Be communicative, talk to the others and be interested in their lives. People like to talk about themselves!

Make compliments, but only if you really mean them!

Do not forget that hygiene is also important! Smell nice!

Do not be the creepy guy, or the player.

Help others! Remember, you are a team and your boss will find out whether you are a team player or not.

And, do not forget that appearance is important.