Let’s face it, you are not satisfied with your day to day performance in bed. Maybe because of this performance, your day to day sexual routine has turned into a week to week routine, or a month to month routine. Regardless, you need a way to enhance your performance, and you are not alone. Around 30% of men suffer from premature ejactulation. When your penis feels it is time to climax, there is not much you can do. However, what if you could trick your penis? What if you could make it think that it is not time to ejaculate, thus enhancing your sexual stamina and making you last longer in bed. Well, worry not, because this is exactly what the revolutionary new formula, Pelay, is doing to men all over the world. But don’t take our word for it, take it from a user themselves, and see how they rate Pelay.


Buying Pelay was the best decision of my life

“Second to proposing to my beautiful wife, Catherine, buying Pelay was the best decision of my life.” declares fifty four year old Pelay user Dick. “As I got older, my sexual performance seriously deteriorated. At first, I stopped being able to last as long as I could before. I dismissed it as a fluke, and did nothing about it. Now, I can hardly last a minute in bed, and my wife and I are having less sex than ever before. In fact, it’s been two months, one week, and two days since we’ve last had sex – Yes, I kept track. It’d been gnawing away at me that I could no longer please my wife sexually, and I was in dire need of a solution. Then, a magazine article clued me into Pelay.

It advertised that it would take effect in under four minutes and would drastically improve my sexual performance. It wasn’t like other similar products that had adverse side effects like impotency, rashes, or inability to ejaculate. It was hypoallergenic, so it would cause no missing sex just as much as me like mine. Because of its unique all natural formula, it was completely safe to use in oral, vaginal, and, my wife’s favorite, anal sex. Best of all, it was surprisingly affordable, unlike the other products that costed hundreds of dollars for the same effect. So, I ordered the product.

Used the Pelay applier to massage

I told Catherine about it before it came, and she was just as eager to try. She was missing sex just as much as me. That night that it arrived, I told her I had a surprise for her. I applied four drops to the head of my penis, and used the Pelay applier to massage it in and lubricate the penis in under five minutes. The sensitivity was gone from my penis, and I was ready for action. We had better sex than ever before, and I lasted thirty minutes in bed – a feat I had not been able to accomplish in years. I can’t imagine having sex again without Pelay, and I urge any man to try it to enhance their performance.”

Honeymoon couple enjoying eachother's company on the bed