Are you working out regularly? If yes, how do you feel about working out with cold? Well, actually, it is not bad or anything to workout while having cold. In fact, you should do it! Definitely. And another reason is probably the fact that while you are working out regularly, you will hardly ever get cold. And even if you do, your symptoms will be very mild.

So, if you do happen to get cold regularly, you should start working out regularly too! Now it is the best time! It´s Christmas, so you definitely have some free time and also, you definitely have the motivation, right? Is not your resolution to lose weight? I bet that it is! So, buy that gym membership and start tomorrow morning! And you will never ever get cold again. Don´t you believe it? Well, then you will have to try it out yourself!

The best thing is, you do not really have to workout everyday, once or twice a week will be just enough and you will see the difference.

But first, enojoy the Christmas!