So you have made a New Year´s resolution. Well, we all did. But somehow you cannot stick to it. However, that may not be simply because your will is not that strong. Perhaps the reason is that no one has actually explained to you how to do the thing you want to do. Let´s have a look at it together. If your resolution was to save more money, then we can help you! Here are some great tricks that will totally change your life!

  1. Make your savings automatic. If you only rely on the fact that you will willingly put away some money every month, then your saving is going to fail. You can do this, but only if you make your savings automatic. And the great thing is that once you will see how much money you have saved, you will want to save even more!
  2. Make a budget. A perfect budget that will tide you over. The important thing is to be realistic. You cannot save too much money quickly by denying yourself some basic things that you need. Instead, start slowly.
  3. Help yourself with an envelope. If you know what your spending weak spot is, then plan ahead, put the cash you intend to spend on the certain things in the envelope and only spend those money on them.
  4. Think your investments through. Be more careful and remember that investment should be boring.

Good luck!