Vaginismus can be pretty bad. And you should know about it!

Sure, we all want our sex life to be awesome, however, we cannot not solve our problems and pretend that they do not exist! If there is a problem in your relationship, whether it concerns sex or not, you need to deal with it. Otherwise it may ruin your relationship. And the same thing applies to vaginismus. If your patner is having it then you should probably be a lot more supportive than you think.

Vaginismus can be bad. Perhaps a woman does not even know what is causing it, but still, there is not much she can do about it. The pain that it is causing during intercourse is really not something you would like to experience and therefore you should not force her to have sex.


First of all, let me explain to you what vaginismus is so that you realize how big this issue can be. Vaginigmus is involuntary vaginal muscle spasm. Involuntary meaning that a woman cannot control it. Therefore it is really painful and nearly impossible for a woman with vaginismus to have sex.

Instead, you should try to help her deal with her issue. Together you will solve this problem and your sexual life will be back to normal. But you need to be patient. And you ned to be able to talk about the issue and deal with it! Encourage her to visit a doctor.

Only doctor an help you get rid of vaginismus forever! But of course, there are also some exercises your partner could do in order to eliminate the symptoms. But let’s not talk about it now.

Let me tell you something more about vaginismus so that you better understand what you woman is going through when she has vaginismus. First of all, there are lots of causes which can be causing the vaginismus. It can be infections, or it can be psychical. Perhaps it is the fear, trauma, or other thing which does not let her enjoy the sex. No matter what it is, you need to find out. Well, she needs to find out, but you are supposed to help her, so do so!

Well, we hope that you will deal with vaginismus as quickly as possible and that you will soon be able to have sex again! Just do not worry and do not let this little problem ruin your relationship. Many couples are dealing with the same issue. Do not be afraid to ask! And do not be afraid to ask for help!

Anyway, we wish you good luck and we hope that it will soon be over. Remember, vaginismus is not the end of the world and although it can get pretty bad, it is not the worst thing that could happen. So fight it!