And she will love you forever!

You have been a couple for quite a while. And it is going great! You think that it might actually last forever. You understand each other, you do things together, you have fun together. However, let´s face it, your sexual life is not what it used to be.

You used to do it all the time. But now, somehow she is not into it anymore. Well, do not worry, that does not mean she does not love you. It is just that women often have lower sex drive than men. But there is something you could do! And we are about to show you. So just keep on reading.

Here are five tips that will help you send her libido to new heights. No kidding! Just try it.


  1. Touching. A woman needs to be touched. Let her lie on her back with eyes closed and get creative. The longer the foreplay is the better. Women need some time and if you are willing to give it to her, well, you will be rewarded!
  2. Exercise together! Smell can be used to your advantage and not disadvantage. Natural scents can work as aphrodisiacs.
  3. Communicate. Do not be quiet during sex. Tell her what you want, tell her that she is beautiful. And let her tell you what she wants.
  4. Women need to see. But not only the dirty parts. They need to see all of you. So there is no need to hide anything.
  5. The taste. Well, you should  brush your teeth properly because women care.

Well, we bet that you know about most of these things already, however, it is only helpful to remind yourself about them. What you needto do is focus on her. Do not be selfish during sex. That will never make your relationship work. And she deserves better. She deserves to enjoy sex just as much as you do. That is something you need to realize. And once you start to care, she will know.

Anyway, we wish you good luck and hope that our tips will help you make your sexual life great again! Because that is just what you deserve!