Sexual anxiety is definitely not making your relationship any better, right? Well, read this article and find out what sexual anxiety can do to your relationship.

First of all, let´s define what sexual anxiety is. Well, has it ever happened to you that you simply could not relax and enjoy the sex? Well, this happens to many people. And although it may happen from time to time, it definitely is not normal if it happens all the time. You cannot simply be scared whenever you are about to have sex. Taht is not the way. You deserve to enjoy sex and to have the best sexual life you can have. And that is why you need to do something about sexual anxiety.

So, now you know what sexual anxiety is, but do you know why it happens? Well, it can be caused by fear of getting pregnant, by fear of expecting the pain, fear of not being good enough for your partner or not looking good enough… And many other things. Simply, there are tons of things that can cause sexual anxiety. And if you do not do something about it, sexual anxiety can lead to avoiding sex. And when you start avoiding sex, it all gets very complicated. And then, it can ruin your relationship, because a relationship without sex is not a long-lasting relationship.


Of course, we are not forcing you to have sex even though it does not make you feel good. But what we want you to do is talk about the problem. Everybody has it and if you tell your partner about this issue, they will definitely understand. And they will help you deal with it. Of course, you will probably need to go to a doctor to see what is causing your problem. But you should definitely not be dealing with this on your own. It will only ruin your relationship and that is not something you want, right?

So, if you have doubts whether sexual anxiety can ruin a relationship, then, well, believe that it can. But not if you start dealing with it. Just stop pretending that nothing is happening and you will save your relationship. Do not worry. A real relationship will last. And a real partner, the one that is worth keeping, is going to be your support. Also you shold be supportive of your partner if sexual anxiety is their issue.

I guess there is nothing left to say, just good luck!