How well do you think you know female libido?

Well, let´s assume that you have been dating women for a while, right? So you probably think that you are beginning to understand certain things about them. Or you know that you simply do not understand women and that is just how it is. Nevermind. The thing is, you may think that you know somehting. But do you really know the important stuff?

You know, one of the things responsible for breakups is non existent sexual life. Or bad sexual life. And this can be often caused by misunderstandings. Or by incompatibility. But usually, it is because of zero communication between the two.

Well, yeah. Think about all your failed relationships. And think about your current relationship. Everything is perfect and the only thing that is just not perfect is your sex life. But, you know. Breaking up is not the only solution. You can actually do something in order to improve this part of your relationship. And understanding female libido would probably help you. So, are you ready for some basic facts? Then sit back and continue reading!

First of all, you need to understand that female libido is totaly different from male. When it comes to women and sexual desire, it is all in their head. Woman´s sexual organ is her brain. And therefore, if her mind is occupied with other things, she can not enjoy sex.


You see, a woman cannot just relax when you tell her to. She needs more time. That is why foreplay is important for her. And you should dedicate it as much time as necessary.

Also, what you need to understand is that birth control pills can lower female libido. That is why you should be careful when choosing the method of contraception. So, if she says that her pills are to blame for her low libido, well, then you should probably believe her.

Anyway, as you can see, female libido is a lot more complex than male libido and various things affect it. That is why women often have problems getting aroused as quickly as men. And that is why you need to be more patient and more romantic. Because women need to feel love. And they need to feel beautiful.

Luckily, this is really not difficult to achieve. Just be nicer, give her compliments, buy her flowers, or cook a romantic dinner and you will see the difference. The happier she will be, the better your sexual life will be. Remember that!