Are you still struggling with vaginismus? Well, it is time you stop, right?

Vaginismus is a very unpleasant diagnosis which many women struggle with. Yet, many people have no idea what vaginismus actually is. Sometimes even those women who have it do not know about it! All they know is that they are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse. And they are desperate because they have no idea what to do about it.

Honestly, do you think that experiencing painful intercourse is something normal? Probably not. And it would probably be best to find out what is causing this pain and then get rid of it! Well,believe it or not, it can be so easy! But of course, it requires some time and some effort.

And primarily, you need to understand what vaginismus is and what causes it!

Well, vaginismus is characterized by painful intercourse. This pain is caused by involuntary muscle spasm. And it can have various cause.

Usually, the cause of vaginismus is anxiety or trauma. But sometimes, it can happen that you only experience vaginismus in particular situations. Well, it is all up to you to investigate what makes you feel uncomfortable during sex. However, is you have problems with having inercourse without experiencing pain, then probably the best solution will be to either visit a doctor and discuss the options that you have, or try some exercises at home! Of course, is the problem psychological, then we suggest you go to see a doctor. However, if you think that you can manage on your own, then you can try simple exercise called Kegel exercise. Which is based on squeezing and releasing the muscles. You can do them whenever you want and how often you like. Then, after a week, try inserting one finger and do the Kegels. And slowly add fingers until you get to three. But do not rush it, okay?

Until then, it would probably be the best if you avoided sex, so that your body does not become even more stressed. Take your time and soon, your sex life will be again awesome and enjoyable. Just like you always wanted it to be.