If you want to improve her experience, then you should read this article!

Sex should be great for both of you. But since it is more complicated for women to reach orgasm, you should be trying more in order to give her what she wants and deserves!

Luckily, oyu have us to help you with this issue. Here are some of the best positions you should definitely try if you want your girlfriend to enjoy herself as much as you are:

  1. Basic – yes, missionary is actually enjoyable for women. And why? Well, they are romantics, they need to look their partner into the eyes!
  2. Reversed cowgirl is also said to be a favourite position among women. It allows easy access to clitoris and therefore can be very good for a woman. But also for a man!
  3. Doggie style – this position is great because it gives woman the control! And it also allows for the usage of a sex toy!
  4. A woman on top – women are always enjoying this position! Although not all of them are always keen on trying it. But persuading her may actually be worth it!
  5. Spooning – great for a better stimulation!


Well, these are some of the basic positions that can improve your sex life. But that does not mean that these are the only positions that are helpful for women! There are also other options! And all you have to do is use your imagination and creativity and you will definitely come up with the best positions for you. Just experiment. If things are not working perfectly, that does not mean you should give up. It only means that you should try more!

You see, there is no recipe for a good sex life. You have to create one. Every couple is different and every single person likes different things! That is something you need to understand.

You see, relationship should be fun, but it is also hard work. And you need to realize that. Once you do that, things will be a lot easier!