So, is sex important in a relationship? Well, read on and find out more about this topic!

Every couple experiences the time during which the sex is not as good as it used to be. But it is not the end of the world. Sex is never the same as it was in the beginning. Your relationship will probably not be as hot as it was during the first months when you simply could not keep your hands to yourselves. It will be different.

But sure, there are things you can do in order to improve it and you definitely should. You know, just the basic things. Like trying new positions, being more romantic, etc. You have probably heard something of it. But still, if you think that better sex means a happier relationship, then better think twice.


Sure, a healthy sex life can really improve your sex life and your whole relationship. But only if your sex life is the only problem that you are having. Well, honestly, if your sex life is the only problem then you can consider yourselves lucky. But if not, well, then better sex is not the answer.

So please, do not expect sex to be the ultimate fix for every problem of your relationship. It is not. And it will never be. So, instead of focusing on improving your sex life, focus on improving your whole relationship.

Talk with your partner. Do not just assume that you know what is going on. Discuss it. You know, relationship is all about the communication and if you cannot make it, then it is useless to try. And this also applies to sex life! Seriously, you need to talk in order to solve this kind of problem. And you should not underestimate it.

So, can better sex actually save your relationship? Well, probably not. But you should definitely not give up on improving it!