How much do you know about women?

Probably not much. I mean, women are always described as the complicated ones. But should it really be that way? Shouldn´t men just be trying to understand women more?

Well, what do you think? Don´t you think that knowing more about women and their problems could actually help improve your sex life?

There might be something about it, right?

Well, for sure there is! Especially if you two are having problems in this area!


One of such problems that you might want to get to know is vaginismus. Well, yeah, I know it sounds scary and like something you probably do not want to know anything about. But you should, because it might be affecting your sex life!

So what is vaginismus?

Basically, it is a condition which causes vaginal muscles to tighten involuntarily and reuslts in painful sex. And painful sex can result in no sex.

And this is why you need to be careful. The moment she stops being interested in sex, or the moment she complains of painful intercourse, you should be there to help her! And having all the information could really save the situation and your sex life!

And of course, to answer the question whether the vaginismus is common among women or not, well, yes it is. But do not panic. It can be solved, once you know that you are dealing with it and once you start dealing with it.

So, now you know what vaginismus is and you are prepared to face it and overcome it. Fingers crossed!