Every couple wants to go on a holiday together. And every couple should! It is a great way of testing your relationship because while you are going to be on a holiday, it is going to be just you two. Out in the world facing various problems and if you manage, then you will probably be ready for anything that is to come.

But before you go, let me just give you some piece of advice so that you know how to handle the whole vacation better.

First, let´s talk about the money. You should know what you do not want to save money on and also the things that you can save money on. Because, although you should enjoy yourselves on your first holiday together to the fullest, you need to be careful. As long as you are no millionaires. Which I suppose not everybody is. So talk it through, discuss how much each of you can spend on a holiday and then make decisions.

Decide on the transport. Is it going to be by plane, bus, car or train? Consider which option is the most convenient for you.

Now, decide on the destination. Would you like to spend your holiday in a holiday resort, or would you like to go on a road trip visiting various places? You have to make a compromis. Decide on the plan. What do you want to see? Do you prefer to go hiking or just lay on the beach during the entire holiday?

Just do not freak out when something does not work out the way you planned it. That is what vacation is about.