Every couple wants to be the happy couple, right? I mean, that is something we all aspire to be! Well, that is the reason why we spend so much time investigating what makes other couples so happy. Although, we should sometimes realize the fact that every couple is different. And if something works out for your friends, it does not mean that it has to work out for you, right?

For example, a new study has found something that will change everything you thought you knew about sex. Until now, you probably believed that the more sex a couple has, the happier they are. But the fact is, as long as you are having sex once a week, everything is fine and even if you are having it more often, it will not make any difference.

So? Are you shocked? Well, we understand. Just keep in mind that if you are having sex less than once a week, you might be having a problem!

So if you were having sex once a week and you were absolutely fine with it, do not feel bad if your friends are having more of it. It is just in your head.