So you just woke up in the middle of the night and you really want to fall back asleep quickly, but somehow, you cannot. And it drives you crazy. And then you realize that you only have 2 more hours before you have to wake up an go to work and you become so stressed that sleep is the last thing on your mind. Well, we can perhaps help you with this problem. All you have to do it follow these tips and you will fast asleep sooner than you realize.

  1. Try not to turn on lights. They will simply help you wake up and that is probably not something you want.
  2. Read for a while. It will help make your eyes tired and it will help you fall asleep.
  3. Exercise! Mentally! Find something you can think about instead of turning your computer on.
  4. Do not keep turning and tossing. Stay on your back or on your side.
  5. Do not eat. Food will not help you fall asleep, but quite the opposite!
  6. Relax your body. Your brain will get a signal that it needs to turn itself off.
  7. Do not take a nap the next day if you want to avoid this situation happening again.

So, good luck!