Menopause is a huge thing in a life of a woman. And no matter when it occurs, when it does, it is important that not only your wife but also you are ready for it. Therefore, we give you things that you should know about menopause. Enjoy!

  1. Your wife still wants to have sex with you, she just needs some more time to get turned on. Her libido simply is not working the same way as it did before.
  2. Sometimes, al you have to do is listen. Your wife does not want you to offer solutions for all her symptoms, she just wants you to nod and listen. That is all you have to do. Just do not talk!
  3. When your wife suddenly starts being interested in healthy eating and doing sports, support her. She needs your help. It really is difficult for women to stay skinny after menopause kicks in.
  4. Sleep problems. Your wife may have problems with sleeping and so be terribly tired during the menopause.
  5. You have to realize that entering a new phase of life – the life with menopause can be difficult for a woman. And in order to make it easier for her to handle it, you need to support her.
  6. Hot flashes – they are terrible. And you should never laugh at your wife when she is experiencing one.
  7. Sometimes, it is you who receives the punishment. But you have to realize that it is really not you who is to blame. Try to have some understanding.

And remember, never joke about it. Never.