Ignoration is something men do not like. However, it is also something women use very often. And sometimes they are overreacting. We all know this, but we all suffer through it without knowing the particular reason. Luckily, this does not have to be your issue anymore. With our help, you will never again be guessing why the ignoration is happening. So, just keep on reading and you will know immediately!

  1. Perhaps you are pushing her too much into serious relationship. and even though she may be interested in the idea, somehow you are scaring her off. Just give her some time and stop texting.
  2. Another reason may be that her mobile is not working. It is as simple as that.
  3. Perhaps the timing is just not right. Maybe something serious came up that you do not know about.
  4. You were texting her while drunk. And it is quite obvious from the message itself.
  5. You are always texting her about the same things. And she is bored.
  6. You are either sending inappropriate pictures or writing inappropriate texts and she simply does not want to respond to you.
  7. She is living her life and she does not always have the time to respond to your texts.