If you want to start dating a woman, making her smile is a good beginning. And if you do not know how to do that, then you should check out these tips and try them out next time you get the opportunity.

  1. Record a voice memo for your girlfriend. This will definitely make her smile. Make it funny but simple.
  2. Email her something funny. For no reason. Simply to make her day better. Just send her a funny picture that reminds you of herself.
  3. Tell her that she is awesome at what she is doing. If this will not make her smile, then I do not know what will.
  4. Send her a cute animal video. Something to lighten up her day at work.
  5. Send a cab for her. You will definitely make her happy.
  6. Send her a creative emoji text. She will love it!
  7. Get her a whole season of the TV show she likes. And watch it with her! Plus, get her her favourite chocolate or snack so that the watching is even more fun.
  8. Write her a note. Just grab her phone and type something sweet into her notes.
  9. Brag about her on Facebook or Twitter.

Just make her feel special. That way she will know that you care. And women love it when guys do that. But I bet that you already know that, donĀ“t you?