Some of you will probably be surprised, but we do hope that most of you know about the existence of female libido. Well, yeah, it may be shocking but just like male libido exists, female libido does as well. Yeah, it probably goes against all the beliefs that women do not like sex, but trust me, this is how it is. Women have libido, or mojo, whatever you prefer to call it. And if they do not have it, then it is a problem.

Of course, you need to understand the huge difference between male and female libido. While men usually do not suffer from low libido, this issue is quite common among women. And that is why we need to understand what exactly female libido is and what can help it stay high.

Female libido, or sex drive, as you probably know it, is the overall desire for sex. Or sexual activity. It can be affected biologically, psychologically or socially. Biological factores are the hormones that body produces, psychological factors are stress, for example, and social factors are work or family.

So, why is female libido, or generally libido in both men and women important? Well, first of all, it is the act of reproduction. But there is probably no need to talk about that right now, is there? Another thing that makes sex drive very important is the fact that without intimacy, no relationship will last forever.

Well, we do realize that the longer a couple is together the harder it is to keep the sex drive up, however, that does not mean that it is impossible, right? There are many things you can do in order to make it! Because that is what we want, right? To make our partner want to have sex with us.

So, what can you do?

You have lots of options. You can try to break the routine. And it is probably the first thing you should be doing in case the libido of your partner is low. Come up with something new and fun to do together. Talk about it, ask your partner about their problem.

You can discuss the change of the form of contraception. Hormonal contraception can cause women to have lower sex drive. And that is probably not what you want.

Or you can try some natural aphrodisiacs! There are lots of foods and herbs that can help with low libido.

Good luck!