Diminishing sex drive is probably a common problem among women. Change that!

So your sex life is not the same as it used to be, right? Well, do not worry that is totally normal. It happens. Relationships change, and develop. They are not as hot as they tend to be in the beginning. Usually, the sparkle diminishes and everything is more calm and relaxed. Often, your libido drops. But that is not the end.

Diminishing libido is something natural, it is nothing bad. But if you give up, it will ruin your sex life. And that is something you should not let happen.


Instead, you should focus on reviving your libido. Why? Because relationship is always about working on things. And not just waiting for things to magically get better. That is not how it all goes.

Instead, sit down and talk about it with your partner. Tell him what is going on with your and together you will be able to come up with a solution. Perhaps you are just getting bored with the routine. It would be a pity to let it ruin your sex life. Would it not? Well, in that case you will have to do something to change the routine!

Finally experiment a little. Change of place could perhaps do you good! Go away for a weekend or go on a holiday! You will see what this will do to your sex life!

Also, get a sex toy! It does not have to be anything extravagant. It can be anything, handcuffs! Just try it! It will be great! I promise.

Or, try aphrodisiacs. It can be chocolate, or it can be a herbal aphrodisiac! Really, it can be anything you want!

Just communicate with your partner and you will manage to survive this crisis! Do not give up your hope and do not stop trying.