Sex is quite fascinating. Freud loved it, and so does the next guy or girl. So why aren’t we bothered when we lose interest in it, or everything seems dull in the bedroom? If things have become dull and you are thinking of cleaning the bookshelf while you should be invoking your “inner goddess,” you’re at the right place. Men are welcome too.

If the chemistry turns you on, do not start moaning. Or do, we’re in the modern world and sex is good, and we could use some bragging about our skills.

Spanish Fly

We’re pretty sure if you’ve been experiencing a slump in your sex life, you would have looked this up. But let’s address it here. Spanish fly was originally a beetle in the blister-beetle family that was crushed up to be used in the preparation of aphrodisiacs because these beetles produced a substance called cantharidin.

Of course, it seems all-natural and safe, but it was actually quite dangerous and had several side effects that could disorient and subsequently kill the person who consumed it. This is why it became illegal in the United States, among other places.[1]

Don’t lose heart though – because we have another solution.

Spanish Fly Pro

Oh, don’t worry. The name is just to lure entomologists because the “love bug” has been confounding them for so long. The Spanish Fly Pro is an all-natural, non-prescription dietary supplement that helps enhance the libido for both men and women. There are several reasons why you should use this supplement, which we shall soon address. But let us make it clear, it contains no harmful substances.

Also, we’ll give you what you’ve been waiting for (that’s what he said) – it actually works! 97.5% of the users of Spanish Fly Pro have experienced an increase in their sexual arousal since the first time they used the supplementIf this doesn’t convince you, 48% of women who used the supplement found that they experienced multiple orgasms for the first time in their lives. Are you convinced now?[2]


The essence is that it is normal to not be able to ‘charm the pants off’ your long-term partner, but that is not an excuse for missing out on the joy of sex. When things become mundane, it is time to take action; it is time to address the problem that has been gnawing at the foundation of your relationship.

It is time to realize that neither you nor your partner has fallen out of love. You may just have become used to each other, so much so that you may feel there is nothing left to explore. Make each other realize that not even half of what you have to offer has been explored. You are still the amazing couple that is only going to age like fine wine. Add a little Spanish Fly Pro to the wine and you shall be intoxicated (with love) for life.




[2] Evans WO. Chemical aphrodisiacs. Psychopharmacol Bull. 1969;5(2):10–17. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]